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Project #1

 So I kinda thought of a bunch of concepts for the idea of mixing things that can fly and ones that don't. And some that are chimera in general. So I can't really decide on which direction to take. So.. 

1) Is a mix of a Fox and a Bearded vulture ( fun fact! my favorite bird)

2) Is some kind of Boxer dog or a dog in general mixed with a Cocatoo. dogs are usually happy :).

3) I looked at Bear pictuers, raptor claws and Hyenas. It looks like its also doing some sort of territorial display with the wings.I also wanted the single tooth in the front to be sorta beak like.

4) Is a mix of a Goblin shark, Great white, and a Raven or Crow head like.

5) Is sorta the same as 4 but its more Parrot like.

6) A mix of a Wasp and a Crab.( it probably burys itself so that the crab part is only showing and when a hungry gull comes around -SNAP!! it would whip the stinger at the bottom out. and fly off with it's meal.

7)Is a more Hyena shaped body and dog legs of #3.

8)Is the baby verison of #3 ( hey if your ever down just google puppies)

um so ya let me know of any feedback ( please and thankyou !) 


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