Project 1

Project 1 - student project

Project 1 - image 1 - student projectReally learning a lot! As you can see I still have a ways to go, but this is definitely progress! I will update following the other projects.


Now this is the project 2 where I could only use my notes and the drawings above as reference. I fixed up the ones from earlier that looked too off to reference and got started. Obviously some facial positions were easier than others, but I definitely understand how to head comes together a lot more now! s

Project 1 - image 2 - student projectAlright so it has been a couple months but I did decide to finish these projects and project 3 was just looking at what I did. So now with project 4 the halftones. It was a nice way to practice and honestly I feel helped a lot in understanding the lighting. Next up, color! Project 1 - image 3 - student projectSo I realized I already did project 5 and did the halftones/midtones so now I did project 6 and did his face and did it in color. Honestly idk if it actually is that good. I have gotten a little better on colored painting but still I feel like something is off, if anyone could tell me I'd appreciate itProject 1 - image 4 - student projectSo I suck at caricatures and don't even wanna try it. I'm in a little rush for applying to college, so I'ma end my portfolio here. Thanks for everything!