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Project 1. "Blink and You'd Miss Him". - Project 2. "Open". - Project 3. "Tweet".

Blink and You'd Miss Him.

I think I saw a guy in town today I kind of recognise. I've never seen him before, but if he's who I think he is, then I know of him. I've heard fragments of tales about his wonderous exploits. Probably apocraphal, some at least, but there's no smoke without fire. I am intrigued to know what he's doing here. He must have come to meet someone, maybe someone I know. Perhaps I'll get an introduction. I admit the idea excites me. I've never met anyone from the city before. I've never been there. I wonder what it's like? Very different for sure. I saw this guy across the road, and his clothes were oddly strange. Nothing I could put my finger on exactly. They weren't showey, yet I noticed him. And the way he walked. Huge strides. So fast moving, so purposeful. Imperative. But that wasn't all. He moved so deftly, like a gazelle, weaving effortlessly in and out of the Saturday afternoon shoppers without collision, without slowing, like mercury swerving naturally around objects on a table. I watched him, making the locals look like they were running in slow motion, yet clumsily so. Him, a man on a mission. "He's from the city", I thought.

I saw my friend the next day. "Hey I think I saw that guy you know, the one from the city" I said. "I think you're right" he said, "but I missed him. He was gone when I got home, back to the city".

Years later, I got the chance to go to the city for myself, for the first time. So unlike my home town. So much I wanted to see. Strange to have so many people staring at me, wondering why I walked so slowly, as if I had no purpose. I went home. I didn't miss any of them.


When they were only 11 years old, Tommy, and his friend Jenny who lived in the next farm were playing in her father's barn together. Playing hide and seek in the endless mountains and valleys of hey was a favourite game, creeping through hey houses, avoiding hey monsters, and stopping for hey sandwiches. It was their farmhouse hey world.

One day while playing in the barn, Tommy discovered an old rusty key laying lost in the heystack. He showed it to Jenny. Neither of them had any idea what the key could fit. Jenny asked Tommy to show her the exact spot where he found it. She was a very methodical and patient girl, and she showed Tommy her plan; start searching near where the key was to see if there was a box it might fit. In their world, all keys opened boxes containing lost treasure, and this was obviously one of those. Sweeping around on the barn floor in ever increasing circles, they widened the arc, finding nothing. Approaching their joint boredom threshold, Tommy was about to suggest a new game, when his knee found a hard bump on the floor which grazed him sharply, but the proximity of Jenny and the shock of discovery made him surpress his tears. "I found something!" he announced. Together they scraped away the straw and dust to reveal an old padlock attached to the floor. At first it made no sense, but then Jenny cleared a wider area and realised there was a trapdoor here, that had been locked a long long time. Nearly dropping the key with excitement, they forced it home, and turned it. The lock opened with a grinding spitting crunch, and the rusted hasp realeased it's cluth on it's age old secret. Young fingers scrampled at the borders of the trapdoor, trying to find a good grip to pull it open. The weakness of their youth offset by the slimness of their fingers, and eventually, between them, they started to lift the large door up, and with a tormented screech, opened it wide till it slammed backwards fully opened now. Tommy reached out for Jenny's hand, as they approached the edge of the dark subterranean opening, and gazed in breathless silence into that fathomless new world.


The guy from the big city visited, moving so fast I missed him. I went to the big city. I came home. I didn't miss it at all.


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