Project 1: The 5 Principles

Needs:  This table is set for a wedding.  I imagine the menu to include a salad, main and dessert, all made with local, seasonal ingredients!

Color Story:  Tan, gold and soft oranges.  The gold, soft orange and tan are analagous colors and I'd say that the beige of the burlap is the dominant color here. 

Balance:  The floral centerpiece creates a balance when viewing the table from both the top and the side. 

Botanicals:  The floral centerpiece is the botanical element and it works well because it pulls in the soft orange and yellow-gold tones (and even some tan) of the theme.  It's a loose informal arrangement that goes well with the burlap of the tablecloth.

Personalization: The rough burlap runner and the more dainty lace on top is a nice play on textures that could be used throughout the party.  It looks like the menu takes a cue from the burlap with a simple brown paper and homespun font.  


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