Project 1 - Stranger Comes to Town (The Show)

        So much excitement was building as Ashlyn counted down the days for the show. She had been waiting patiently as the band traveled from city to city, getting closer every day. She began to wonder what it might be like to leave everything familiar for months at a time. Nevertheless, she was grateful that they were willing to do so with their passion for music leading the way. Days continued to slowly creep by, and then suddenly, it was the morning of the show. Ashlyn woke up with some enthusiasm for once instead of immediately wanting to hit snooze. She wondered what they were doing around town. She was more curious to know what one band member in particular was up to, Chance. Knowing that Chance was in the same time zone was enough to make her smile, which was a rare occurrence this early in the day.

        The day wore on and as usual, the sun changed from a bright glowing flame to a soft dim lit moon. A crowd began to form behind her as she watched this event from outside the venue. Finally the doors opened and she saw her spot for the night, front and center. Time seemed to go by slower than it had for the past two weeks. A couple other bands opened and had great energy and songs. Finally, the last band to play had taken their equipment off of the stage while new instruments were wheeled out. A sheet was gracefully pulled from the drums and the guitars and bass were set on stands. The drums were tested, guitars tuned, and mics were checked. The band walked out on stage and then she saw him. Chance looked so focused and knew exactly where he was headed. Ashlyn stood in silence unable to clap for a second as they all took their places on stage. He was finally there and he was right in front of her. He knew no one, yet he looked so comfortable. Chance was far away from home yet the entire crowd could tell he was in his element being on stage. Once the first chord was played the crowd went crazy.

        After the show, Ashlyn was in bliss and was also temporarily deaf. She made her way to the back of the crowd to watch the remaining band play. For whatever reason, Ashlyn decided to turn around. Standing a few feet away from her was Chance, all by himself. He caught her looking his way and they made eye contact. Slowly, she formed a smile and introduced herself. He warmly smiled back and looked happy to have found someone to chat with. Ashlyn decided ask him questions about himself rather than the music and discovered how interesting and sincere he was. Chance needed to make an appearance with the other band members and she figured that was it, but was shocked when the band invited her to a bar down the street. It seemed that Chance had taken a genuine liking to her as they talked until they were forced into the quiet town, not one car was in sight. Ashlyn thanked him and awkwardly apologized for tagging along all night. Chance looked slightly confused as he told her that they were friends and he wished they had more time. They hugged goodbye and walked off in opposite directions.    


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