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Project 1: Secrets of Successful Professionals: Lesson 1 - Presence

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice: Always leave home without it


In this project, students receive an overview of how to be professionally attractive to employers, clients and those with a say over his or her professional reputation.

Ideal for:

  • Young professionals
  • Experienced professionals looking to brush up on the basics
  • College students
  • Creative/Freelance/Artistic professionals
  • Anyone who thinks they know their "stuff"

What you'll have by the end of the program:

  • Greater confidence in yourself
  • New resources and a free consulting session
  • Guidelines and online access to free relevant materials
  • A guide to inexpensive ideas for basic professional attire
  • A method for saving time: Ideas on how to shop and prepare efficiently for work
  • A checklist of actionable steps to being the most professional YOU to build upon

Lecture topics:

Workshop I. (online) Blind dates and job interviews: identifying the context you're in

Workshop II. (lecture) What worthwhile professionals look for in other professionals

Workshop III. (event) Actionable steps ... Let's go shopping! 

"Girl, you look good!"

Workshop I. Looking "good": Who's your audience?


A. Read the two scenarios below.

B. Respond to the prompt at the end of the material by creating three lists.


Look around.

Where are you and what do you hope to accomplish? Is there a difference between what you want a potential employer or client to think about you vs. what you hope a potential second date thinks? What aspect of yourself would best help you accomplish your goal in the each of the scenarios below?

Scenario 1:

Your bestfriend invites you for dinner to meet her childhood bestfriend who loves weird comic books as much as you do.

You accept the invitation. What are some things you might hope to accomplish at dinner?

  1. See for yourself that another individual with such cultivated taste in graphic novels actually exists.
  2. (If person passes verification process) Impress the nerd by demonstrating your own knowledge of said esoteric topic proving that you are an authentic comic-enthusiast.
  3. Create a desire for the attractive fellow nerd to see you again: 1) for another round of playful nerd-isms competition and banter; And, 2) in your most awesome vintage Stan Lee autographed shirt, on a good hair day in a fool-proof game face that would be defeat the most powerful villain in the universe.

Scenario 2:

You run into an old statistics T.A. at a top-notch professional networking event where he just gave a speech to top banking analysts on how to use data to build investment portfolios that guarantee at least a 100% return on investment each year. He remembers you from class and invites you to meet his firm's CFO about an executive role he thinks you might be a good fit for.

You accept the generous invitation. What do you hope to gain at this upcoming meeting?

  1. Get an idea of the organization's current needs and the role you're in consideration for.
  2. Create a respectful and professional rapport with the CFO demonstrating that he will enjoy having a person of your caliber on the team.
  3. Convey that if hired, you will be an invaluable asset and add tremendous value to the organization and that it would be unfortunate to lose talent like yourself to their competition.


Create three lists of five items. 

List A - List the characteristics about yourself would you want both a date and a hiring manager to know about yourself?

List B - List the characteristics that are valuable to your date?

Lict C - List the characteristics that are valualbe to a potential employer, business partner or clients?

<end >

What's the secret password? You may enter.

Workshop II.  There's a secret "club" of elite professionals in your office: Are you in it?


Take our brief quiz:

Discuss your response and ask questions at the upcoming Professional Presence workshop in Santa Monica, CA.


Does this pantsuit make my accomplishments look fat?

Workshop III. A checklist of must-haves for professionally attractive individuals:


Register and attend the Professional Presence: Elements of a Professional Wardrobe lecture via links below.


I. Fundamentals - basics

II. Fundamentals of careerwear - interview suit, techniques on an efficient fool-proof professional wardrobe, professional non-office functions

III. Q & A


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  2. Create an elegant outfit in 3 steps (women)
  3. Images of a career-chic sophisticate (imgs)

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