Project #1: My Brand

I'm currently an Associate Creative Director for an mid-sized advertising agency, but I've flirted with the idea of moonlighting as a T-Shirt designer. There's always been something about T-Shirts that spoke to me, the way you could express a bit of your personality in public. A way to pledge allegiance, like walking around with a piece of art from your home on your chest. My first attempt was admittedly pretty derivative, I just took the label of a product that I love and decided to put it on a shirt. I took a local screenprinting class, built an exposure unit and got to printing.

Project #1: My Brand - image 1 - student project

I made a few bucks selling on Etsy, but I just wasn't satisfied with the lack of originality in my "design" since I just jacked someone else's work aon stuck it on a shirt. Didn't really sit well with my morals as an artist or as a designer so I discontinued my Etsy storefront and I started thinking of other designs. I tried coming up with a unified brand and I just haven't had the confidence to really go for it, so I thought this class might be able to help me get my shit together and really get going. I've been heavily influenced by typographical prints, stemming from my background in graphic design, but I also love photography and urban culture, as well as fine arts. Anything from Scott Hansen, Niel Krug, to Shephair Faiery and Tinker Hatfield, to Rothko and Norman Rockwell. Through this class, I'm hoping to narrow in on my voice and my brand and just make some dope shirts.

Project #1: My Brand - image 2 - student project

My brand is Formatte and I want to cater to people like me with ecclectic urban tastes. So far, I don't have many designs under my belt, but I'm obviously hoping to change that.

Project #1: My Brand - image 3 - student project