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Project 1 - Master Bedroom

My husband and I bought our first house late last spring, and I'm really looking forward to decorating our master bedroom.

Before moving in, I had the walls painted a gorgeous navy blue (so not exactly a white space to begin, but truly lovely).  

We have all of our big furniture picked out, but I know it's the layers of color, texture and pattern that come from the textiles, art and accesories that will really make the space feel like our own. So I'm hoping this class will help me coordinate all those moving pieces. 

Project 1 - Pick 5 pictures that you are drawn to. 

1. Dark walls, eclectic, warm wood. 

2. I love the navy walls. I also love the eclectic mix going on in this bedroom.

3. Laid back with style. Love the textures and the massive framed art piece.

4. Eclectic, clean, and textured.

5. Eclectic, clean and textured (also). 

Common colors: navy, white, and gold. 

Common patterns: Geometric shapes and a few ethnic patterns.

Common Feel: Eclectic, clean, and lots of patterns.


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