Project 1 Art Prompts

Project 1 Art Prompts - student project

Project 1 Art Prompts - image 1 - student projectI chose 5 prompts I made up. 1. Use a pallet knife 2. Use fingers to paint with 3. Use Ink 4. Use 5 colors 5. Use 3 mediums; Acrylic paint, Black calligraphy ink, and White charcoal pencil.

For this second project I used the same prompts Denise used. I’ve never stitched anything on a painting before. That was fun. I find I really like using a pallet knife to paint!

I did two Project 1 Art Prompts - image 2 - student projectseries of 3 on Index cards, because I am getting ready to do an art challenge that uses index cards. ICAD from Daisy Yellow. 
Here are some prompt cards I made. This was so fun! I love the mini artworks that emerged. It was quite surprising!