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Project 1, 2

My first attempt was built out of my immediate positive response to the right-align options. I used gridlines to keep everything spaced appropriately. Font is Univers in various weights.

My second attempt sought to change the dynamic a little while still attempting to use the right-align. However I don't think the name looks quite right now, looking at it again. Font - Futura

My third attempt, using a center align.  I tried to keep it interesting by doing something strange with the phone number and email but I think it looks odd, and not great. Font - Helvetica Neue.

My attempt with some left-align. This is actually my favorite. I like the bold simplicity and find myself really liking the font - Frutiger.

Just some little sketches from the first module.


While the literary business card does make more sense for a magazine or some sort of offbeat thing and doesn't suit my needs, I like what I've created here. Some of the text should be tweaked more for it to really sing from a design standpoint.


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