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Progress of my Own Digital Nomad Journey

five years ago I decided I wanted to live a location independent lifestyle.

I had no idea how difficult it would be to live without a postal address, change the way I lived my life when it came to relying on certain things - banking, credit, billing and statements - the usual mundane things you have in your life that take up your time to 'maintain'

I was terrible at the linear maintaining part of life. the usual monthly billing run. it was not the grid or system I was annoyed with it was the fact that I felt trapped by my location, the mortgage, the bricks and mortar around me was overwhelming. I felt I could not breathe under the strain of waiting on the phone calls, the letters arriving each day.

I was frustrated with being overwhelmed by the churn of the machine of distraction which took up my time on the side at will. I had zero control over it.

I'm not in any more control than I ever was but I do feel a sense of freedom. I know where I want to be, I know what I need to do to be on the outside of the system/periphery and to try and keep a level of the anxiety and stress that arrives when I feel overwhelmed by being pushed into making decisions I don't have the ability to often deliver on.

I wanted away from the mundane. I wanted to live, not exist in my life.

so fast forward today, I've got a lot done over the last three years.. .

  • started to discover methods for me to work online on work I love to do
  • bought a van to live in (trying to build up to getting a mobile van to travel more)
  • dealt with what triggers my own anxiety levels and removed things that make me cascade
  • started to move away from material needs, status and all things popular culture

I've got a long way to go, I'm not where I want to be yet working on the bigger vision - shipping container on some land in a relatively safe part of the world, working the land, applying what I have learned.

I did spend some time as a part-time contractor working twelve hours a day in a brain dead job scanning and putting cheap junk shipped from china but it just gnarled at my sensibilities on a daily basis - I was swapping four days of the life of brainless twelve-hour shifts for a few hundred pounds a week. I was fitter but it was killing me softly each day.

now I'm working on things that excite me, the money is not there yet but it feels honest, it feels like the right thing for me and my daughter and those around me. it's a job I've always wanted, I chase it down each day in the hope of building in myself some room to experiment with new platforms and working processes.

I hope my skillshare profile shows that! :)


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