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Karla Teceno

Graphic Designer



Progress : My calligraphy project


Practicing space and position of the words with some of my favourite quotes. (I could have made some alterations to the original quotes, only with the personal purpuse of this project.)

1. First some quotes from "The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien".

<--- Note: (Always watch out for misspellings).

2. Quotes by Julio Cortazár

3. Quotes by Mario Benedrtti.



Here I started using the Nikko G nib. It was a big difference. The Nikko G gave me a more steady feeling. I really like it. 



Ok, here we go! My first time. I'm so excited even with all the mistakes I made. I can wait to see my improvements. 

Here, I was not using the Nikko G nib yet. I ordered online and it was on its way. I was using instead the 101 Imperial Nib that I found in the local art store.


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