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Progress Farm

Progress Farm's beginning won't be when I register an LLC, it started when I left school and friends to produce photo and video content for the 2008 Obama campaign.

The mantra for those involved with the campaign from the senior advisors to the volunteers was "Respect, Empower, Include." That mantra needs to be at the center of every progressive campaign today but it's not. Campaigns want the same juice OFA had in '08 but too often they think it can be bought.

The truth is, you gotta grow your own.

Progress Farm is where campaigns come to grow. I want to offer resources and advice to progressive campaigns and candidates on how to win their election without losing their souls.

I draw these parallells between farming and running for office:

  1. It's hard work. You're out in the field almost every day and work doesn't end just because the sun goes down.
  2. The best results come from personal attention. Just like knowing your product, you have to know yourself and what you're running for.
  3. You gotta deal with bullshit. Raising money and dealing with the negativity can wear you down like the worst smelling, heaviest bag of maneur out there but it comes with the territory.


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