Teresa Andrade

Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Filmmaker, Design



Programming Drums with Garage Band/Logic Pro X Drummer

Project Outline

Programming Drums Using Garage Band or Logic Pro X Drummer

Video 1 - Intro

  • Introduce myself
  • Explain class project - Creating a programmed drum track using Garage Band or Logic Pro X Drummer.

Video 2 - Preparing the session

  • Dividing the song into sections (Intro/Verse/Chorus/etc) so Drummer can interpret the different sections of the song and play accordingly.

Video 3 - Using Drummer

  • Creating a Drummer track
  • Explain how drummer works
  • Transforming the Drummer into midi
  • Fine tuning the midi performance

Video 4 - Making the Programmed Track Sound Real

  • The importance of velocity and how to use it to make your track sound real
  • Understanding articulations and how to use it
  • How to adjust velocity using midi transform (Logic Pro X)
  • Quantizing 

Video 5 - Making the Instrument Multi Out

Video 6 - Printing Midi to Audio

Video 7 - Conclusion

Class Project

  • Program a drumbeat for a song


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