Profile Pitch: Director Emily Carmichael turns old video games into poignant movies

Profile Pitch: Director Emily Carmichael turns old video games into poignant movies - student project

I'd like to write a profile about a young director named Emily Carmichael and her oddly touching, video game-inspired movies.

One of the most popular romantic comedies at this year's Tribeca Film Festival is set in an animated world filled with evil wizards and unholy monsters. It's called RPG OKC and it's about a knight and a cat lady and the online dating service that brings them together. 

The short film was written and animated by Emily Carmichael, a recent Harvard grad whose movies tackle themes like love and the meaning of life with an 8-bit visual style that is instantly recognizable to anybody who has played an early Final Fantasy video game. Her first hit was the web series Ledo & Ix, which follows two adventurers who kill dragons, rescue princesses and debate whether a high score will truly make them happy. The show's first season ran on the popular gaming website Penny Arcade, and earlier this year Carmichael raised $15,000 on Kickstarter to self-produce a second season.

As for me, I write about creative people for Jay-Z's, Milk Studio's and elsewhere. Here's a profile of the iPhone photographer Kevin Russ that I wrote recently for VICE's Motherboard. 


I've actually already informally pitched this story, but juging by the publication's slowness in responding I'm guessing that I'll need to shop it elsewhere so I've rewritten it as an actual pitch. I'd really like to use it to break into a new publication, ideally or somewhere that does lifestyle-y video game stuff. 

Any feedback is appreciated.



Matt Marquez

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