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Professor I. Kerrington

Hello my name is Adam and I LOVE TYPE. Typography can tell a whole story just by itself. I was a little confused when I first read this assignment. I thought we were supposed to find a brand and just mimic it making a shirt that would fall easily into their brand. However, upon seeing everyone else's amazing work I decided I wanted to take a chance and design for an idea that I have had bouncing around in my head for a while now.

Professor I. Kerrington is a charlatan, liar, cheat, a snake oil salesman. And the brand I plan to design for is a modernization of the Snake Oil salesman with his miracle Elixir. At the moment the idea is to be type heavy but to mimic the old typography on packaging from back in the day to put a cool new modern twist on days gone by.

Hopefully attached is some scrap of the direction/feel I hope to be taking the brand for the rest of the class. Any suggestions, criticism, or ideas are always greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with all you.

• I really like the beauty of old Labels each one was a piece of art itself and it had to be functional, and back in the day it was all done by hand something that I can only aspire to.

• I really enjoy when they take a classic look and work to modernize it and make it fit into this modern world while still retaining its classic charm.

• And I really like modern, simplistic design LESS IS MORE. And classic design did this so well they never felt the need to show how many photoshop filters they could use or how many colors they could put in a print. They had to plan and be thoughtful on how to make a design come to life with just using one color and I hope to carry that over in my designs as well.


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