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Professional Logo - student project

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Week 2-3 Post:

Here are two versions of the logo I designed for the Learning and Development Department. I'm not really sure that either one are the "final" version. I'm still up in the air on color and texture. I really like the letter press idea...but something still seems off in my red example. Please, I'd love to hear some comments. Thanks!!


Week 1 Post:

I didn't have a specific subject or need for a logo when I signed up for the class. I just thought the class sounded interesting and I was excited to learn more about logo design in Illustrator.

I decided to sketch up some ideas for my little art business...Right Hand Design, where I draw architectural renderings of buildings, of people, and do some graphic design. That said, my full time employeer company is paying for me to take the course, so I also thought I would sketch up some ideas for a department logo...Learning and Development.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Also, I had more RHD designs, but the scan didn't go I will try to upload more soon.Professional Logo - image 3 - student projectProfessional Logo - image 4 - student project

Professional Logo - image 5 - student projectProfessional Logo - image 6 - student project