Professional Coaching: 3 Decision-Making Strategies to Handle Dilemmas

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My Second Class:"Professional Coaching: 3 Decision-Making Strategies to Handle Dilemmas"

is available here: 3 Decision-Making Strategies

Free Enrollment: 3 Decision-Making Strategies


Class Description:

This class is about 3 Decision-making strategies that are well-known and practiced among Professional Coaches. 

They are good to apply when you face a dilemma or need to make a hard decision.

Developing the ability to make BEST decisions is a key part of living a happy and satisfying life.

Join me in this class and bring your decision-making to a new level!

Class Project:

Think of any dilemma that you would like to be solved or a hard decision that you need to make. Apply one of 3 Methods and share in the Project gallery:

  • Which Method helped you to make the best decision?
  • or share your own Method that you believe is worthy adding into the list of decision strategies

My First class: Coach Yourself Class is Live! 

Premium Link: Create Your Personalized Life Wheel!

Free Link: Create Your Personalized Life Wheel

Here is a Video Outline.

Class Description

Hi Everyone!

In this class I'm going to introduce you to a simple, but very effective Coaching tool that helps to assess your life. It's called a "Life Wheel". 

We'll go through the following steps: we will explore our dreams and desires, combine them for key areas of life and scale our sense of satisfaction in each area.

By creating your Personalized Life Wheel you are going to clarify where you are now and what’s needed to bring your closest attention. 

Join me to this coaching yourself class and keep your life in balance!

P.S. If you don't have time writing your dreams, you may choose areas of life from the attached "Different Areas of Life.pdf." in the Class Project. 

Class Project

Create Your Personalized Life Wheel!


Write down your dreams & desires, combine them for key areas of life and scale your satisfaction in each area. Identify your area of focus.


Share Your Personalized Life Wheel!


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