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Professional Amateur

Here's my post for Project 2 of the Creative Self Portrait class, that of showing two hands but no full face.

Carrying withthe theme words of Eclectic and Bright, I tried to show a bit more about me outside of work. So I highlighted things I love doing in my spare time. I shot several photos of me with one of my guitars, The Swift, and tried to keep a brighter and eclectic feel throughout. These are my two favorites from the session.




Professional Millenial • Jul, 28th 2015

This represents my offering for Project 1 of the Creative Self Portrait class (1 hand, no face).

There were lot's of words to choose from for the feel I will be trying to portray:

Aging, Millenial, Professional, Artist, bright, moody, crazy, reserved... This goes on.

Eventually, I went with Eclectic and Bright. 



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