Prof.Oppenlaiser - student project

So my hero is an old, male physicist .. he's a good man but dealing with people is not his thing..

he created this super cool laser gun but he's not sure what to use it on .. yet!


i started with 3 keywords and wasn't very sure about which shape should i go with .. so i kept an open mind and just went with the flow .. Prof.Oppenlaiser - image 1 - student project

then i started looking for scientists pictures on google and Pinterest and i was inspired by these two the most:

Prof.Oppenlaiser - image 2 - student project

Mr.witherspoon was a manager in the show"Bojack Horseman" and I really liked the frog look .. it delivered "the not very lovable or friendly" part

from the second picture: the curly crazy hair, the moustache,the thick eyebrows and the coat...



now.. to doodling! i liked those the most:

Prof.Oppenlaiser - image 3 - student project

now .. say hello to Prof.Oppenlaiser!

Prof.Oppenlaiser - image 4 - student project

aaand that's it! :D 


i'm really excited to take the coloring course to keep working on this guy ^^


thank you. :)