Productivity is my surname


I spend a lot of time engineering but the thing is that my piloting is not good enough because I am somewhat out of tune with my authentic desires. I also struggle with the plane because I lack the fun factor most of the time. 


"I don't have time?" 

I use this phrase when I am in energy saving mode and trying to avoid doing the thing that is going to make me feel even more emotionally drained at the end of the day (I lack the fun factor - a big issue for me!) 


What goal do I want to achieve? - I want to fill out my physics protocol. 

How can I make it more pleasurable? - By making tha protocols more stylish and adding physics and astronomy-related images (stars, planets, changing the font, etc.) 

Can I put money on the line? - I can put 50 leva on the line. 


One situation when I was in flow state? - I am in flow state right now during this course. 

What circumstances & mindset led to it? - I was emotionally balanced, I was happy & excited because I won 2 months of skillshare for free, the course is not too hard or too easy but it's very well structured and I made sure to get my notebook in the first few minutes while I was still not TOO comfortable to budge (basically used the stretch zone rule without even knowing). 


Write down 3-4 long term tasks you want to do.

I want to build very good knowledge in the field of environmental engineering. 

I want to live a physically active and healthy lifestyle (that includes doing physical activities such as walking, working out, doing yoga, eating low carb & clean, doing intermittent fasting and following a skincare & body care routine daily).

I want to lead a more fun and social life (develop hobbies, find games & series that I like, go out and have fun with people)