Productivity in my Life


I never had the chance to learn how I manage my emails. my email-box was actually a chaos. but thanks to the Productivity videos in Skillshare which helps. Filters in GMAIL are helpful. the way I learn to split categories into "Personal", "Professional" and "Outside" helped me to place everything into their right place.

Productivity in my Life - image 1 - student project
TO-DO LIST Microsoft !
To-do list was one of the biggest issue. I couldn't organise my "to-do"s even now. However, I would say that they are better organised than ever.

Productivity in my Life - image 2 - student project
Cloud Drives ( example : Dropbox ) :

the system here was not different than GMAIL. everything looks clean, right placed and well organised.

Productivity in my Life - image 3 - student project


Last but not least, I couldn't imagine how my desktop as organised as so in this beautiful picture.

Productivity in my Life - image 4 - student project

Thanks to all the Productivity Teachers, and Thanks to Mr. Thomas Frank.