Productivity as a Lifestyle



The idea of this project is to be able to track the emails I get with different request and add them as a Task on Microsoft To-Do. This will help me keep track of the work I need to do in the upcoming days. Also integrate my different fitness activities into my work schedule now that I have a gym at my work place. Finally complete my last university semester like a champion and graduate as a Civil Engineer. 




I was able to add steps to my major tasks. At this time, I am using it to have a check list of items I need to complete for each task. I also been updating New Project Template. 

And I found a way to copy email straight to Microsoft To-DO (see pictures below)



Copying Emails to Microsoft To-Do:




So far Microsoft To-Do has provided me the necessary means to keep in track of my projects. As I get more involved in different project, and found a need to take my task list to meetings when usually someone ask me if a task was completed during the prior week. This has a little hustle since my To-Do was only on my desktop and I found my self second guessing. The quicker solution for this problem was to go mobile with my Microsoft To-Do, so here are some pictures on my iPhone. 



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