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Productivity: Treating Your Time With Respect

How often have you heard someone (including yourself) say ‘there aren’t enough hours in a day’?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that is nonsense! We all have the same quantity of hours to use; it’s not the quantity of hours that is the problem, it’s how we use them. Richard Branson; built an empire on 24 hours per day. Oprah Winfrey; one of the richest women in the world built her empire on 24 hours per day. Okay, extreme examples they may appear to be but they weren’t given more time to achieve their success, they just got really good at using it.

We live in a time of easy distraction and being honest most of us know we ‘waste’ a percentage of time every single day and by waste I mean doing things that do not provide us with any valued return.

Fact: Time stands still for no one so if you want more time, treat it with the respect it deserves.

Productivity: Treating Time With Respect looks at 4 actions you can take to drive your productivity on a daily basis. One change can make all the difference. 4 can help you smash it!

Introduction: Two skills you need to develop to make the 4 actions work; Focus and Discipline. These are key drivers to being more productive and mastering them through practice will lead you to manage the 4 actions effectively. In this course we are going to cover:

  • Understanding & Applying Parkinson’s Law
  • How to Create Time
  • Active Tracking Tools
  • To Thine Own Self Be True – Maximise Your Bird Power!
  • Summary


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