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Productivity Time

Introducing the Class

I just started this class on how to Get Things Done Like a Boss - Design your workflow and double your productivity.

I took the first test and I got the following results:

Phase 1: Collect - DANGER

Phase 2: Process - DANGER

Phase 3: Organize - DANGER

Phase 4: Review - Warning

Phase 5: Do - Warning

Phase 1 - Collecting your open loops

Instead of Things, I installed Wunderlist, since it works on android and windows (my operating systems). It works very nicely and it looks very beautiful too. It also has a widget that you can install on your mobile phone and you can see it straight from the screen.

Once I started listing down stuff I ever thought of doing, I got 74 open loops right from the bat. It indeed gave me a sense of relief, less stress, once I finished that task. That is wonderful, looking to have a little bit of control over my life and what I do is the main reason for me to enroll on this class. I have been very stressed lately with the huge amount of stuff to do I have to handle right now, and getting that weight out of my shoulders is great.


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