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Productivity Results

I enrolled in this class because I'm not nearly as productive as I could be. I usually have trouble focusing on and completing my daily tasks and projects because my mind is overflowing with all of the things that I need to accomplish on any given day. I've only tried a few of the suggesstions, but they've worked well so far!

✿ Meditation - I try to meditate regularly anyway, but recently I've been making a more conscious effort to meditate at least once in the morning and once at night before I go to bed. I find that morning meditation helps me to declutter my mind and start the day from a relaxed, peaceful place. Nighttime mediation helps me to relax and slow down my racing thoughts about tomorrow's to-do list so that I can fall asleep faster.

✿ Turn off phone - This one worked BIG TIME. I decided to start with a short amount of time to see how I would do, so I turned off my phone for 3 hours. It was amazing how just the fact that it was turned off removed the temptation. I couldn't easily play games or surf the internet, so I just did my work!

✿ Don't worry about HOW (just do it!) - I spend way too much time planning how I'm going to do projects. I end up just thinking about them all day without actually doing any work! Just sitting down and forcing myself to start doing something definitely helped.

Next I want to try going to bed and getting up earlier! :)


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