Productivity Resources

Productivity Resources - student project

Task Management - Bullet Journal

For the task management section of productivity resources I've decided to stick with my bullet journal method.

I like this method as it is completely customisable and I can keep track of an array of different things.

Although I haven't been too good at keeping up with my tasks, since I have a sense of urgency that makes me push them one day ahead rather than spread them out in the week, it causes me to have a lack of motivation.

However, this course has rekindled my motivation and hopefully I can get back on track with my tasks.

I like the bullet journal system as it incorporates simple symbols to mark whether a task has been completed, cancelled or moved to another date.

However, one thing that the bullet journal system lacks is to be able to know how long until a task is due - unless you create a "When tasks are due" section or list it as an event on a specific day.

A bullet journal also allows me to input some creativity into my life and record memories, which I love.

Calendar - Apple iCal

Productivity Resources - image 1 - student project

I decided to use the Calendar app on my Macbook as my calendar.

I have created colour-coded types of events, ranging from work to classes, and cat care to events.

This really helps with visualising what sort of activity is taking up my time.

I also like how multiple events can be scheduled on the same time and how it indents the block to show this.

It is also nice that it syncs with the calendar on my iPhone so I can always check what I have coming up during the week.

Note-Taking - Evernote

Productivity Resources - image 2 - student project

I never knew you could arrange notebooks in stacks!! 

Before I had all my classes for the year and various notebooks for interests and hobbies just jumbled together. But now that I have arranged my notebooks in a hierarchical organisation it is so much easier. I love the tip about having seperate stacks for previous classes and current classes.