Productivity Reflection


Prompt #1 - Which aspect of pilot, plane and engineer do I struggle with most?

I 100% struggle with Pilot. I am a "jack of all trades" in a way. I feel confident that I am pretty good at many things and that I enjoy many things. What I struggle with is getting great and truly loving one or two things. For example, I am currently working through what skill I want to expand on. Do I want to become a better artist, write a book, learn Spanish, learn piano? All sound great and I know I can do them all. I find myself paralyzed by the decision. 


Prompt #2 What am I avoiding by using the phrase "I don't have time"

I do feel that I am aware of how much time I have in a day. I have often noticed that when I sit down and focus I am extremely efficient. My problem is more with motivation. I will happily admit that I'm lazy, spending too much time doing XYZ, but I have a hard time actually changing my behaviors. 

#3 What's a goal I want to achieve? How can I make the process more pleasurable? Can I increase the odds of hitting the goal by putting money on the line? How can I make the outcomes more tangible and desirable? 

I have many goals, but for this response, I will focus on learning to play the piano. I can make the process more pleasurable by learning songs that I like, instead of songs I've never heard of. I can put money on the line. Potentially setting a deadline to give a sibling $100 or so. I also thought about holding myself accountable by scheduling a "performance".  I can make my outcomes more tangible and desirable if I find others who are also learning to play, but are slightly more experienced than I am. Also, by potentially hiring an instructor. 

Prompt #4 What's one (or more) situation where I was in my Flow State. What circumstances and mindset led to that? Can I manufacture those conditions for other stuff I need/want to do? 

I have been in my flow state before, the most obvious I can remember is deep in some excel spreadsheet analytics. I have been known to get lost in thought trying to solve an issue or pull numbers correctly or even attempt to frame my findings in multiple ways and the next thing I know its been 2 or three hours. During these experiences, I have a clear sense of direction and end goal. I have somone holding me accountable becuase I've mentioend I will compelte it by a specifc date, and I am entertained enough that I don't look at my phone (my phone is always on silent). Moving forward, I need to reflect before starting a project to know exactly what I want to accomplish, tell someone about it, and leave my phone aside. 

Prompt #5 Make a list of 3-4 Long Term tasks you want to do. What would you do if you only had half as long. What if you had to do it in the next 24 hours. 

1. Read 25 Books in 2021: Half the time, I would make sure I read every night: 24 Hours, I would chose short books and read all day long 

2. Learn to play Disney songs on the keyboard: Half the time, stick to a schedule and practice daily; 24 Hours, practice all day today, reach out to someone for advice in the begining. 

3. Become a better artist: Half the time, get back into drawing every morning/watching helpful videos, 24 Hours, draw all day today and watch lots of video's. Hire a teacher to critique me along the way. 

4. Write a Book: Half the time, Create a schedule and hold myself accountable to it. 24 Hours, remove all distractions and try to get into a flow state, starting with plot points and gradually expand each task. 


Prompt #6 What 20% of my work is producing 80% of my useful outcomes? What's taking up 80% of my time that is not actually contributing very much to my outcomes?

Analytics at work is a great example of this. I spend about 20% of my time pulling data and pointing out ideas, trends, etc. that are important to the customer, while I spend about 80% of my time formatting and making sure that it looks presentable to leadership. 


Prompt #7 What 3 things would boost my productivity if they became habits? How can I help make those habits stick? 

1. Not moving to the couch and watching a show right after work. I say I will watch 30 minutes, but end up watching much more. As a habit, I could actively chose not to do this. Maybe replace it with a required 30 minutes of no screen time (unless its a virtual teacher).  (Art, reading, piano, etc.) 

2. Do the dishes every night. Wash a dish anytime I bring it to the kitchen. (I always clear, but am bad at washing)

3. Make my bed every morning. I could make that habit stick by not letting myself go to the gym until the bed is made. I love going to the gym, so that would be a motivator. 


#8 What are some chunks of the day in which I find myself wasting time in ways I'd rather not? What useful (small) things could I do with that time instead? 

I have a lot of downtime at work right now that I get distracted and scroll through my phone. I can take chose to make to-do lists during that time since I often don't know where to start. 

I have downtime in the mornings. I wake up but don't get out of bed for a bit. I can remove my phone from the bedside table. This will encourage me to get to the gym earlier and since mornings are my most productive, give me more time between the gym and work like I used to have. 

 #9 What Items on my bucket/task list can I procrastinate my way to progress on? How so? 

Writing a book, being a better artist, play the piano. Procrastinate with writing or doodling or playing the piano. Also I enjoy learning so watching more documentaries instead of TV shows. 


 #10 What do I have to d in my days that I'm currently not enjoying? If I had to, how would I make this stuff more fun? 

Doing dishes and cooking. Listening to podcasts helps a lot. Facetimes and zoom calls. Getting Scott to cook with me more.