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Productivity Optimization: Rise & Shine

The Problem
Being a creative entrepreneur, I set my own times. Over the years, my work hours have slowly shifted from normal day hours to later and later in the day.
Nowadays, I usually work (until) late, which means I go to bed late; this isn't optimal for my health, and probably not for my production either, but it's a habit I find hard to break.

The Solution
I'd really love to reestablish a morning routine (or "game") and get my most important tasks done in the morning, but this means I have to tackle the problem first.
Things I'm trying:

  • I've set an alarm on 10 o'clock p.m. just to remind me I need to get ready for bed.
  • I've installed f.lux, a special program to change the color temperature of my computer and tablet displays (normally, they emit blue light which'll wack up your circadian clock when used more than two hours in the evening - f.lux fixes that).
  • I've set evening/night time blocks in LeechBlock, an internet blocking program.

Here's to going to bed on time and rising early!


Photo by earl53


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