Productivity Masterclass Project - Writing Prompts

A collection of all my writing prompts for this course for later review. This is also for anyone who may gain some value from reading other people's answers to the prompts :). Cheers and good luck to you all!



Lesson #1 - The Productivity Equation


Which do I struggle with most of all? The Pilot, the Plane, or the Engineer? In what (specific) ways?


I struggle with the pilot/engineer role the most. I struggle as a pilot because while I do set goals and paths for myself, I don’t always stay consistent with them. I struggle as the engineer in a similar fashion, I am not as organized as I could be. So I will focus on ways in which I can organize myself and become more efficient. I take good care of myself and have great habits already, I just need to organize it so that I can optimize my already strong characteristics.


Lesson #2 - The Myth of “I don’t have time”


What am I avoiding with the phrase, “I don’t have time”?

Action point: Track your time for 1 week & then reflect on what you’re spending your time on.


I typically am avoiding working on my youtube projects or my real estate exam practice. To say I don’t have enough time is to give myself permission to work on it “later”. Although I do get to it eventually, I don’t do it as efficiently as I could. So now I will remove that phrase and understand that I am in control of my time and that I have to act now if I want to make it where I’m headed.


Lesson #3 - The Myth of Motivation


What’s a goal I want to achieve? How can I make the PROCESS more pleasurable? Can I increase my odds of hitting the goal by putting money on the line? How can I make the outcomes more tangible & desirable?


I want to have my online business of creating content (youtube), merch production (sustainable preferably), and work that I can enjoy with friends and family. I can make the process more pleasurable by making it a game, and keeping track of progress. I have always been good at games and learning how to improve. If I can transfer that mindset to the skills I need for content creation and online income streams, then it would be a breeze.


Definitely putting money on the line would increase my odds of getting the things done. I will have to do that with some friends because It definitely works. I’m already a cheap bastard and losing money pains me especially with what I know about investing. So I may have to try that for some short-term projects that I find uncomfortable.


To make my outcomes more tangible & desirable, I need to share my content more. I am very apprehensive about posting my videos on social media, but that is how it works. I need to be engaging and more excited so that others can feed off that energy as well. So talking to my friends about my content, sharing it with others, and being proactive about the process (sharing my hardships and progress) should allow me to be more involved and ultimately tie things up together nicely.


Lesson #4 - The Myth of Multitasking


What’s one (or more) situations when I was in my “flow state”? What circumstances & mindset led to that? Can I manufacture those conditions for other stuff I need/want to do?


Definitely when I play games like melee, dbd, and league of legends. In those circumstances, I am very focused, I don’t pay attention to anyone outside of my headphones, and my mindset is about having fun and pushing myself to the next level. I have to stay focused on one step at a time, so each game I would focus on one particular part of my gameplay to improve, and simply improve that. 


To manufacture those conditions, I need to remind my family to not distract me while I work (since we work at home currently). Then I must learn to have fun by pushing myself. I too can get lazy and just repeat myself, but I have to practice that Stretch Zone. I must do things that are slightly difficult but not frustrating. Luckily, I am good at not getting frustrated so that shouldn’t be hard.


Lesson #5 - Parkinson’s Law


Make a list of 3-4 long-term tasks you want to do. What would you do if you only had half as long to do them? What about if you had to do them in the next 24 hours?


  1. Do real estate investing with Angello/Friends/Family
  2. Film Youtube Content that is fun and educational.
  3. Develop multiple income streams passively (investing, eCommerce, etc.)


Real Estate Investing - With only half the time to do it, I need to be calling the agents to follow up on details of the property. Set appointments to view the properties. Finish my last course in business law and study for the real estate license exam. Lastly, continue to look on the MLS daily, and set alerts for certain parameters when new houses show up.


Building A Succesful Youtube Channel -

Lesson #6 - Pareto Principle


What 20% of my work is driving 80% of my useful output? What’s taking up 80% of my time but not actually contributing much to my outcomes?


80% of my useful output is being driven by 20% of the time I actually spend sitting down and recording a video. Coming up with the general idea and outline takes 20% of the time, while the actual performance takes up 80% of it. What I am weak in is editing. It takes up 80% of my time but the quality of the videos hasn’t changed much. So I need to come up with practical ways of streamlining the process, and I have some ideas. I need to set up templates that already have the intro/outro set up. I need to have the like and subscribe button already set up. Also, I need to start creating graphics in Gimp so that I can just simply drag and drop them into the timeline (transparencies).


Lesson #7 - Newton’s First Law of Motion


Turn off this class and go do something you’ve been putting off. We’ll be here when you’re done :)


Lesson #8 - The 3 Powers of Productivity - The Power of Habits


What 3 things would boost my productivity if I made them a habit? How can I help make those habits stick?


  1. Working on a video every day; whether it be writing, filming, or editing
  2. Working on my graphic design shirts/social media: for POD and Jackie
  3. Meal Prepping: I spend a ton of time cooking and although I enjoy it I do want to free up that time by meal prepping for a few days at a time.


To really make these habits stick I need to set a specific time for certain activities. Daily video content can be a morning and evening action that I focus on. Graphic design can follow those video activities, through skillshare or practice.


Lastly, for meal prepping, I need to set certain days for the cooking and have recipes ready for myself to make. So I need to learn some recipes, do them a few times and make them routine so that I am not thinking when I meal prep. Also making sure I get adequate nutrition through my meal plan as well, so a wide variety of fruits and vegetables as always.


Lesson #9 - 2nd power - The Power of Productive Downtime


What are some chunks of the day in which I find myself wasting time in ways I’d rather not? What useful (small) things could I do with that time instead?


Some chunks of the day are when I get “bored” and just lay on the couch for a half hour scrolling/watching youtube videos. Even sitting on the toilet, I will scroll mindlessly at times. So in those down times, I instead could be doing flashcards, practicing my functional ear trainer, or listening to a podcast that I have been putting off as of late. I can even try to use that time to be a pilot and coordinate my next move.

Lesson #10 - 3rd power - The Power of Productive Procrastination


What items on my bucket/task list can I procrastinate my way to progress on? How so?


I want to be a real estate agent, make youtube videos, and sell merchandise. So one way I can procrastinate my progress on those things is through self-education on those subjects, whether it be through videos on youtube or podcasts on Spotify. Those are mindless tasks I can do that are enjoyable and actually lead me to learn and develop awareness in those fields that I want to engage in. Furthermore, watching youtube videos with the intention of learning from other content creators so that I can make more engaging videos as well.


Lesson #11 - The Fun Factor


What do I have to do in my days that I’m currently not enjoying? If I had to, how would I make this stuff more fun?


Some days I am not all that into editing or filming for my youtube channel. Other times I’m not even all that interested in working on content creation period. 


To help me with this, I need to make editing more enjoyable. I could listen to music while I do it, I can think about the people I want to share this with while I do it, and ultimately I need to remember… I don’t have to do it, I GET to do it. That is a privilege and I’m forever grateful that I have that opportunity. Furthermore, content creation is fun, I just get lazy and in my own head sometimes. The child within me just wants to play games and watch movies all day, and I can get to do that with content creation, so it is a privilege. I need to reframe my situation and practice smiling. I don’t smile as often as I should, even when I am enjoying myself. Therefore, I want to make it a goal to start using psychosomatic techniques to boost my morale. Cause at the end of the day, I am in control of how I respond to my conditions, so why not make the most of it?