Productivity Masterclass Activities


I struggle with being the engineer. I have a hard time executing my plans efficiently. There are times when I procrastinate because of dread. I find it daunting when I see multiple tasks in my planner. I still finish my due activities on time; however, I'm seldom satisfied with the way I handled my deliverables.


I say "I don't have time" to avoid being tasked to do additional activities. I don't like extra pressure. That's why I avoid committing myself into doing more tasks. I only accept tasks when I know I can properly handle it.


My goal to avoid being tasked to do something. is to survive this school week where we have so much deliverables we need to pass. To keep my head above the water, when I get in the zone of being productive, I utilize this time to finish as much activities I can do. Typically, I do this while also listening to my favorite playlists and Spotify. Honestly, I don't need money to increase the odds of hitting my goal. I only need assurance that I'll have more time to rest, relax and read more books at the end of the week.


Honestly, my flow state or productive zone comes randomly. I don't think something like circumstances or mindsets trigger it. There are just days that I can ignore my phone and start working on school works. That's why when I'm in my flow state, I make sure to get as much things done.


  1. Finish online review course for the CETs
  2. Improve time-management skills
  3. Get clearer skin

If I only had half as long to do these tasks, I'll start doing them as early as now. I'll make sure to do it frequently to continue my progress.

If I had to them in the next 24 hours, I'll probably prioritize my online review course because that's the only thing that I could make progress on and see results immediately.


When creating my assessments for school, I first make a draft of my own answers, then I research about it a little bit to refine my answers.

I find that when I research too much, I get information overload and get confused by many theories of other people. This makes it harder for me to combine ideas and formulate my answers.


I'm literally doing something I've been putting off for the last few days, HAHA. Our teacher tasked us to finish a lesson on Skillshare.


  1. have a better sleep schedule and wake up earlier
  2. keep planner updated
  3. think positively

I'll do these habits regularly and consistently so I they will eventually integrate in my daily life.


Currently, I have a Physics lab report due on Saturday (October 17). During the week, when I didn't have the motivation to do it, I did other written works from other subjects, even if it's due a later time.


I have to finish my online review course for the CETs, but I don't have the motivation to continue it yet. To productively procrastinate, I watch videos of how students review for their CETs on Youtube.


On bad days, I listen to a lot of pop music, read books or watch romcoms to improve my mood.