Product styling project

Product styling project - student project

PART 1: snap a picture of a product to keep focus.

This is a picture of a wedding invitation I recently did. It was hard to match my personal style with the client's wishes, because I usually tend to float towards more simple/minimalistic designs.  
Product styling project - image 1 - student project


PART 2: pick 3 adjectives from the list that best describe my brand.

This was really hard! I was torn between wanting to have a wide scope - because I feel my brand represents different feelings, depending on the client -  and picking the ones that were just right, but already conveyed the same idea as one of the others I liked.

In the end, I went for:





Once I had made my choices, I looked at my logo and felt these adjectives describe it perfectly.

Product styling project - image 2 - student project


Like I mentioned in the first part, I feel like the product photo above doesn't represent my brand's style really well. I picked this particular product for this course because I have no idea how to style it in a way that's consistent with my brand. I'm very curious to find out where the adjectives and next steps will take me!

Stacey Talbut
Stationery designer @ Oh Deer Design