Elizabeth Olwen

Surface Pattern Designer



Product photos from blah to yah

This class was just what I needed!! 

I have a digital SLR camera and I struggle to remember how it works half the time, because I generally use my handy iphone for most photos. So this class was a great refresher. That said -- it gave me tons of confidence that I could pull off my photos with my iphone! So I took the plunge and I was so happy with the results. 

For me, I know that too many steps in a process with slow me down and might deter me from keeping up with it. The idea of getting my big camera out, making sure I have charged batteries, downloading the pics, etc etc can be a daunting task. Plus I REALLY struggled with lighting before and any pics I would take were so unrewarding… it was frustrating so I just avoided it. This class gave me so much confidence -- I went outside and used natural light and it worked like a dream. 

I did do a lot of brightening up in photoshop and increased the contrast. But the end result is a group of pics I'm really happy with -- and I feel confident that I can keep up with new pics when I have new products come out and won't feel as daunted. I also really enjoyed the styling aspect!! 

Here are some of my finals. 







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