Product of Lines

Alright, this is my first submission on Skillshare and I hope you like it! 

Basically the techniques used to generate this code are based on Jeremy's first video on drawing with lines. The code is super simple, but the results, I think, are quite asthetic. 

Randomising only Red and Blue, while keeping the background black, is inspired by the doppler effect on the wavelengths of stars. I used different ratios of Red and Blue on different sketches, for variation of effect and color. 

The round blobs are also made of lines with a high degree of alpha, and a very heavy stroke. Thick lines tend to overlap the more you move towards the the centre - the heavy overlapping is what causes the blob. 

Looking forward to see what else can be done with the other techniques presented in the course!

PS: for code, please message me and I'll be more than happy to share :) 




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