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Product launch of my new German grammar series - the tenses

Step1: short Facebook video: just posted it and pinned to the top 

Step 2: promotional video 

Step 3:email to students: 

Do you like German grammar?

Do you feel it’s too difficult?

If I had a Pound, Dollar or Euro every time somebody said this to me, I could probably retire ☺

And yet, German grammar isn’t that difficult – especially when it’s offered bite-sized. And that’s exactly what I am about to do. Starting this Monday you will be able to learn (or revise) about the different tenses in German – one bite at a time. The first class will be about regular verbs in the present tense. Nothing else, just a quick and easy course about regular verbs. Only 3 short videos, followed by a relaxing project.

Isn’t that far better than reading a (boring) grammar book?

What do you think?

Step 4: It's live!


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