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Karen Emelia

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Product Mock-ups

This class is just what I needed as I learn about surface pattern design. I have tried using other people's mock-ups but I wanted to know how to make my own.

For the moodboard I jumped right in and found all the images I have been saving in Pinterest.


But then I realized that I was supposed to making mock-ups from a specific area, so I starting working on another moodboard.


I had a lot of fun using Elizabeth's prepared mock-ups, it is so fun to try out your patterns.


I have always wanted to work with fabric, but I have this crazy obsession with stationary so I am torn. I love paper products and if I see a pretty cover on a notebook, I have a hard time resisting.

After awhile I started playing around with making my own mock-ups. I chose a hi-top Converse shoe to work with.


Then I tried out a stock photo in Photoshop. I used a trial picture with a watermark just to see if I could do it. It was a little tricky, but I got it worked out. I tried out a chair and pillows too. When I find the one I really want to use, I will share that too. Thanks for the great class Elizabeth!

I picked out one of my own photos of a purse that I designed to try out my fabric on. I know I still need to work on getting it to look better, but I really like getting to see my designs on my own purse. Fake it till you make it!




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