Product Example of Great UX: Clue

Clue is an app that helps track and analyze menstrual and reproductive health. What I love about it is it’s simple design, ease of use, and straight forward scientific approach. The interface is very intuitive and through using color and iconography it makes entering data and finding what you need very easy and enjoyable. A lot of similar apps are overtly feminine and use flowers and other embellishments. These can distract from the UX, making it harder to find what you need and use the app effectively as well as coming across a bit immature.

On the flip side, Clue’s approach instills integrity in the product and the company behind it. It hits many of the rules of good UX, but for me it definitely makes something mundane much more delightful.Product Example of Great UX: Clue - image 1 - student project

Kristin Jaworowski
Art Director/Designer/Photographer