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Blurb- Meet eighteen year old Riley Deyes. The charming, musical, bad boy from Southern California. Riley struggles with a lot of deep personal issues and wants to protect the innocent at whateer cost due to events that have happened in his dark past. Riley faces his biggest challenge yet and it's gonna take everything he's got to conquer it. Will he succeed or die trying?

Target Audience- Young adults, 16-25 year olds

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                                                              Chapter 1

I woke up to two things this morning, one: my annoying-ass alarm clock. And two: the sun just shining brightly in on my face.

I blink a couple times so my vision can become clear. I sat up and just moaned loudly because yet again I have school.

I hate the fact that I know at night, as soon as I open my eyes again it's time to go back to school again. It's a fucking drag.

But it's okay because tomorrow's the last day of school & then finally...summer break. I pull the covers off me & get out of bed.

I head over to my window to open up the shades some more and quickly close them. The vampire status is real.

Wearing my comfort clothes which is a white beater and blue plaid pajama pants, I already want to go back to bed but Jordan's coming over in a little bit to drive me and Casper to school.

Jordan Taylor is my friend but I may have a little crush on her. Ok, it's a big one but I don't want her to least not yet. Casper Evans is my best friend.

We've known each other since we were in diapers. You'd laugh at how different we were.

I'm more of the bad boy, that's charming and witty while Casper is more of the goofy,eccentric and highly intelligent one. Most people think we're a match made in hell but I beg to differ.

We're like brothers. Me and my twenty year old sister Alexis, have been living with Casper, his beagle Zz, and his dad David, for a long time now.

I still remember it like it was yesterday. As an energetic child, life was full of wonder and excitement...until one faithful night.

Coming from a little league baseball game with Alexis, Casper and his dad David, I had just won a game and was stoked to tell my mom the news.

I was seven years old at the time. Running onto the front porch, I rang the doorbell but soon found out that the door was unlocked.

I walk through the door and into the living room. "Mom?" I said. My heart started to beat faster & faster.

In the living room was a massacre of my mom and four year old little brother, Noah. Blood is splattered on the white walls and just everywhere.

Me, Casper and Alexis scream to the top of our lungs. David moved us away from the scene and called 911.

The cops came as well as the ambulance. In the house was yellow crime scene tape to separate everyone from the dead bodies.

At the time there was a serial killer around that would target the lives of innocent people and that night he chose my family.

At the funeral, I clenched my silver pterodacktyl necklace that my mom had given me before she died as a good luck charm. I now always wear it. That day I promised myself to forever protect the innocent.

I walk slowly towards my closet and pull out my gray v-neck shirt, a pair of black ripped style jeans and a light blue jean jacket.

Holding everything, I go into the hallway and head for the bathroom. While walking, I pass by Alexis's room. I can hear her snoring. Man does that get annoying. But I understand.

Alexis has been packing for a couple days now for college. Zz's probably in the backyard eating the flowers again. I try to open the bathroom door, but it's locked.

I can hear the shower water running. I bang on the door and say "come on, whoever's in there can you speed it up?" "Hold your horses. Wait a minute" Casper says to me.

After what feels like forever, he finally comes out. "You should really be dressed already,Riley. Jordan will be here soon" Casper says to me. I glare at him. "I had no idea, Casper.

Thanks for the heads up" I say to Casper sarcastically. "No problem" Casper says to me as he walks away. I go into the bathroom and into the shower to find out that all the hot water is used up.

Afterwards, I get dressed & brush my short brown hair as I looked into the mirror.Then I brush my teeth. "Today, you are gonna do epic shit. Well, maybe. We'll see" I say to myself in the mirror.

My cellphone in my pocket starts to vibrate. Pulling out my android, I check my messages. It's from Jordan.

Jordan: I'm outside your house. You n Casper need 2 come on. Time is awaiting.

Me: B there in a sec.

I grab my bag from my room, put on my dr martens and jet down the stairs towards the kitchen. "Riley, aren't you gonna eat any breakfast?" David says to me.

"Sure I am" I say to David. I grab a handful of bacon from a plate and stuff it in my mouth, washing it down with some good ole orange juice. "Gotta go" I say in a hurry to David.

I run through the front door and see Casper and Jordan, sitting in the red mercedes with the sun roof down. I hop in the back seat and we're off. Jordan turned the radio on and we jammed to "King" by Years and Years.

"So how was your guys' morning?" Jordan says to Casper and I. "It was great" Casper says to Jordan. "Speak for yourself" I say to Casper. "Here we go again" Jordan says. "Fine, I'll keep my chill" I say to Jordan.

"Riley, what are your plans after school today?" Jordan says to me. "Probably just make another YouTube video of me on my guitar singing. Then get junk food wasted. Why you ask?" I say to Jordan.

"I was thinking that tonight all three of us could could go to this awesome beach party and just have some fun" Jordan says to me.

I immediately am thinking "hey, this could be fun. A chance to escape from reality and just maybe get a little closer to Jordan". "I'm down" Casper says.

"Great, what about you, Riley? Or do you not want to hang with us? Just come and let loose" Jordan says to me while looking in her rear view mirror. "You know what, sure. Why not" I say nonchalantly.

"Awesome" Jordan says. I'm excited yet anxious about this, I'll just go with the flow and hope for the best. I gave a huge burp out loud. "Does anyone smell bacon?" Jordan says.

"Sounds like my food is digesting. Just be lucky it wasn't gas" I say to Jordan. Jordan then shows a look of disgust on her face and I just laugh. After some time, we approach hell on earth...high school.

This shithole will cause anyone misery. Jordan drives in the parking lot and parks the car. We get out the car and start walking towards the school. Everyone is crowding the damn door waiting for the security guard to open it.

He eventually does and we all enter the building. Now you see, high school is like a food chain. There's five categories.

At the top, you have your cheerleaders and jocks. Pretty much all of them are pieces of shit and are conceited.

Below them are the stoners. They just want to smoke weed, get high and most drop out.

Next, are the emo kids. Most emo kids have a hugely abnormal emotional range. Many think they're punk so they express it by wearing black, talking in monotonous, and so on.

Next, are the nerds. Some nerds are physically unable to perform simple feats, and test their brain power with activities like chess club, science etc.

Last but certainly not least, the outcasts. I'm part of this group. Outcasts typically are the ones who are just neutral but aren't that social. We usually are told we have wisdom beyond our years.

I go to my locker to grab my books for class. I open it up and it's just filled with old test papers, worksheets and books. Damn, I should really clean it up a bit but hell, that would just take ages. So fuck it. I grab my three compositon notebooks and put my bag away.

I close my locker and run to the third floor for health class. The bell rings as soon as I stop in the doorway. I'm panting as a bead of sweat starts to drip from my forehead.

Made it by a split second. "Nice you can join us, Riley. Please take a seat with the rest of your classmates" Mister Lockwood says to me. I walk over to a desk in the middle row and have a seat.

"Now that everyone's here, we can start class. Last class, a majority of you did great on the final quiz and other's not so good.

I know tomorrow is the last day of school and I guess I'm supposed to throw you guys some sort of pizza party but since everyone didn't get good grades, there will be no party for this class.

Instead, you guys will be working on a 12 page packet, based on things we've learned this school year" Mister Lockwood says holding the work.

Everyone boo's him. Mister Lockwood is a shitty teacher. Just like almost all teachers here, they just give us packets while they sit on their asses and do nothing. *Sigh*. School nowadays. "Take one and pass it back" Mister Lockwood says to us.

We get our papers. Some of us start it and other's don't. I'm not doing this crap. I look over to the far right of me and in the distance see Finn Upton, getting humiliated with spitballs by the jack ass of Remmington High. Troye McKnight.

I used to be pals with Troye. We'd smoke together, pull awesome pranks on teachers, and go to each other's houses to hang out. That all ended two years ago.

Troye's negativity was just suffocating. He'd snap at any and everything. Including me. He showed me his true colors when I overheard him talking shit about me to his "bro's" saying that I'm a loser, I don't mean anything to him and that I can just drop dead.

Later that day, I went to his house to confront him about it. He just denied, denied, and denied. So I broke off our so called "friendship".

Afterwards, he'd just terrorize and humiliate people. I was opposed to it. Just because I'm a bad boy, it doesn't mean I'm a bully. He's been a lost cause ever since.

"Would you just chill the fuck out and leave him alone" I say across the room looking at Troye. "Stay out of it, Riley" Troye says to me.

I'm not the one to back down from a fight. So what do I do? I get up and walk towards him. Troye stands up. "Bring it, Deyes" Troye says to me. The class pulls out their cellphones and chant "fight! Fight! Fight!"

Before anything got physical, Mister Lockwood comes in between us and says "that's enough! I suggest you two go sit in your seats and shut your mouths if you don't want to spend the rest of the day in detention. Now!"

"You better watch your back, Riley" Troye said to me. I'm not phased by him and his words. Just typical, Troye.

After class ended, I went straight to the bathroom to splash some water on my face. Turning on the sink, I cup my hands together & just doused my face with water. I look in the mirror as the water drips from my face and say "welcome to the real world".

School ended quicker than I thought it would. When school ended, I went home, walked straight to my room and sat up my tripod so I can do a cover for my YouTube channel.

In my room, I am playing with Zz. Zz, is just a cool, goofy dog to be around. He's truly a loyal companion. This dog has helped me in the worst of times and I don't know what I'd do without him.

I rub his belly and he gets up to lick my nose. I then open up the door for Zz, so he can leave and I can get started with my video. I close the door behind him.

My last video got a little over one hundred thousand views for my cover of "Payphone" by Maroon 5. I'm doing alright. I walk out to my closet and grab my acoustic guitar. I press record on my camera and sit on my bed.

I look into the camera and say "hey guys, Riley here. First I'd like to thank all you guys for showing me all of your love and support from my last video. You guys are awesome.

Today I'm going to be doing a cover of "Let it Go". Not from the movie "Frozen" haha. "Let it Go" by James Bay. Here goes nothing".

As soon as I use my guitar pick and start singing, I feel like I'm in another world. Music is my passion and I love putting smiles on these people's faces. Music saved my life when I was on the verge of suicide. Doing this brings me happiness.

"That was my cover of "Let it Go" by James Bay. I hope I didn't bore you guys haha. Be sure to like this video, subscribe, and all that chiz. Till next time, peace out" say.

I get up and stop recording. Later that night, I get a text from Jordan.

Jordan: Let's go n have some fun! Party time! :D

I put on my black hoodie and blue jeans. Someone knocks quietly on my door. I open it. It's Casper. "You ready?" Casper says to me. "Yeah, let's go" I say to Casper.

We tip toe pass David's room and down the stairs. As Casper opened the front door, Zz woke up and walked towards us.

"Why are you giving me that face, Zz?" I say to him. I pat his head and close the door leaving for the party. I can hear Zz whimpering.



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