Nigel Payne





I'm quite forgetful and sometimes just need a little motivation to stay on track. Which gave me the idea for my app project:

I would like to create an app that will keep a user

  • exercising daily
  • drawing week daily
  • reading or writing more

It's basically a 'reminder' app with a little twist.

You'll get a reminder at a time suited to you. You'll then have a couple of choices.

'Let's a go!' - the timer starts and you complete your task uninterrupted. Hurray. Gold star.


'Sorry. I can't right now' - Naughty you, tut tut, the time you should really be giving yourself gets added to your next reminder. So you have to do double time when it comes around!

other little thoughts:

  • could give gentle encouragment when reaching or nearing a certain amount of reminders completed.

Initial Designs



If you have a little time please leave me some feedback. Thanks and good luck with your own projects

Nige x


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