Procreate Workshop - Boy and Dog

Procreate Workshop - Boy and Dog - student project

I took a slightly different approach than Vashti took in her illustration. My drawing was more about a magical moment than a magical setting, so I chose not to add dramatic lighting and shading. I wanted more of a Golden Books style for my drawing. 

Anyways, this is loosely a drawing of me as a kid meeting the dog I had as an adult. We lost him a little over a year ago and I miss him. I like to think that my kid-self would have loved him as much as my adult-self did.

Procreate Workshop - Boy and Dog - image 1 - student project


As I was coloring it, I found myself grabbing the same colors over and over again. I liked the way the limited palette flattened the image a little. Again, it reminded me of illustrations from books when I was young.

Here's the time-lapse video. You can see the moment I get so frustrated with drawing the underside of the skateboard that I just give up and drop a photo in a layer for reference.