Procreate Portrait

Procreate Portrait - student project


***Update 12/6/18***


I've been making some progress. I fixed the width of the face, darkened and arched the eyebrows more, worked on the lower lip, and added the flower. Her hair still needs some work...but it's getting there!


Procreate Portrait - image 1 - student project



******This is my work in progress****** 12/3/18

So far this class has been both extremely challenging and rewarding. The eyes have been my biggest issue (it's always been hard for me to get both eyes to look the same.) The eyebrows also need to be arched more.

Now, as I'm taking a step back and looking at the two photos side by side (from far away), I can see that the face is too wide and needs to be narrowed. I haven't decided yet whether or not to add the flower in the mouth - just getting the features right has been tough! 

Gabrielle, thank you for sharing your immense knowledge! The lesson about the planes of the face has been particularly helpful to me. I'd love to hear your feedback. Which areas need the most work and any tips to help those areas? Any specific brush you might use for the hair? Should the highlights be brighter? I would welcome and appreciate any notes as I continue to work this piece.

Procreate Portrait - image 2 - student project

Amy Nalette
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