Procreate Homework

Procreate Homework - student project

I had Video 20 playing the entire time I create this, trying to match each stage with Marco's. I started without a reference, so my cat went through a VERY ugly stage. Then I pulled up a photo reference to help me properly define the cat's facial features.


It felt so liberating doing the majority of this painting on one layer. Up until now, I'd been using 20+ layers to organise every tiny bit into stages. It was so frustrating when I kept hitting the Procreate layer limit -- so now I'm much happier knowing that's not a problem if I continue in this style. Pushing and prodding the image around was the best part!! I even completely re-painted the mouth (originally drawn open).


I'm definitely going to keep experimenting with colour and brush variation. Thank you for such a great class!

Jennifer Wang
artist | designer