Procreate Essentials Projects

Procreate Essentials Projects - student project

Assignment 1: A simple project that led to a deeper understanding of masks and shading. 

Procreate Essentials Projects - image 1 - student project


Assignment 2:

I really enjoyed this assignment. Combined 3 separate tutorials and tried to use all topics of this class as well. :) Everything looks so easy when watching a video, but when we try it, so much goes wrong before it starts working as expected :D. But that is the fun of learning something new!!

Procreate Essentials Projects - image 2 - student project


Assignment 3: 

This one was super fun as well!! Picked up 3 tutorials - added what I learnt here and enjoyed soooo much! Thanks Leo.

 Procreate Essentials Projects - image 3 - student project