Procreate 5X

Procreate 5X - student project

Hi there!


I bumped into a Procreate 5X video on Instagram and made a mental note to check out every new tool and then this class notification popped up like a charm. 


I did some testing... Ok, ok, I made more than a few.

Procreate 5X - image 1 - student project


Gradient MapProcreate 5X - image 2 - student project


Glitch and chromatic aberration

Procreate 5X - image 3 - student project
And then I felt inspired to make a GIF that is going to be pretty accurate on deciding who had too much to drink  :D

 Procreate 5X - image 4 - student project



This update is GREAT!

Thank you so much for this class.  It helped a lot! 



Renata Rocha
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