Procrastinating tendencies

Procrastinating tendencies - student project

If there is one thing I struggle most with in terms of procrastinating it would have to be the initial creation of new projects. I find that when I don't have the motivation to start something right off the at, I put it off thinking I will get back to but in reality, typically I am afraid that I would either be wasting my time or it won't work out the way I would like it to.

Fear of failure and fear of success, stem back to my childhood years of continually hearing I wouldn't amount to much or I would not succeed in life. So in essence that belief was ingrained in my head so far ask that at some point, instead of replacing that belief with something more positive, I kept it there. Since it was out of sight, out of mind, I paid little attention to how that would affect me later on in life. It has been pretty damaging and I believe that's when the procrastination served as a safety net of sorts to deal with the underlying issues.

I have since worked on trying to reclaim my life back by changing those belief systems and I find myself not procrastinating as much anymore. I have a stronger sense of self now a days. Part of the problem I found most recently though was that it becomes an easy habit when we deny its power. When we don't see procrastination as a big problem because it seems to use like everyone else does it, we increase the power it has over our own lives.

It also helps to have a support system or people you can look up to from time to time because successful people don't waste their time on activities that don't benefit their overall goals in life. Being able to see others in action can help us find ways to make the most of our time in beneficial ways.

Erica Marroquin
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