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Procrastinating Battles. With the Tiago's blessing.

Hello to everyone.

My name is Pavel, and I'm from Russia. With this national reason I must warn you - many grammar, syntax and semantic mistakes may be met in the next chapters of this blog. So, forgive me now, in advance.

01/14/2014 Day 1

If you looked at my project's cover pretty close, you have already understood my main problem. And I'm absolutely agree, that procrastination is my Main Enemy, which I'm treating like my best friend. I think many of us get under the charm of this friendly enemy and taking much care of him, protecting and growing him up.

But most psychologycal and habital problem resolves started from acceptance. And here I am, accepting this huge problem and ready for battle, with GTD and Tiago's blessing.

I've already watched first video and passed through the quiz. And here my results:

I'm pretty confused, cause I was waiting much more terrible results. And those seems to me more than average. This is very strange. It shows me, that I have no organizational problems. Maybe my job is the reason for this. Most of my working time I'm spending with web-development and leading developers team. And our main responsibility - code organizing. Ok, let give a thank to my job for helping here :)

And with this in mind I'm forwarding to next phase of my Holy Battle. Good luck for me.


19:36 Update:

Came through whole Phase 1 movies and additional resouces. Have install trial version of Things. I've decided to use it for the whole trial period and to decide later, if I find it comfortable for me. Right now I've packed all my open loops, that surfaced while I was researching Phase 1 themes. At this moment the battle in this state:

It should be hard for you to understand all those russian sentences. And it not needed, I think. So anyway, 75 unsorted open loops inbox. And it becomes to scary.

Also, I do not really know, if I should put there wishes like "Begin making workout and pushups every day". Should I? Feedback would be very appreciated.

01/20 Update:

I must say, that refactoring of all my open loops, organizing and making everything in GTD-way had grabbed me very hard. Now I can see all inconsistenances from a "birds-eye" and my productivity movement direction. Unfortunately, atm I feel, that most of my time I'm making system maintenance, not really doing. I spend more than 5 hours a day with Things interaction. I can not brag, that I have made many "Do"'s from Phase 5, but it very sufficient number. And, sadly, number of Collect, Process, Organize and Review actions are much bigger.

Anyway, it's too early to make any loud or silent statements. I gonna make very big update for all my findings, after 21 days from this class start.

At my current state I find RescueTime abosolutely brilliant. I've even put analyzing of reports to my Evening Checklist: Cagetories Check, OffTime Tracking. And Highlights is A MUST. It helps to see, what you've really done, if you fill it every day, of course.

Keep going.


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