Processing the Word By Making My Own Artist Artifacts

I am Terry Pruitt.  I grew up in the rural Ozarks.  In sixth grade our art teacher showed how to do figure drawing.  The emphasis was to get the broad shape of the person.  This captured my imagination since my fine motor skills made realistic drawings not look so good.  As a young adult a read Francis Schaeffer's How Then Shall We Live which is ties art and philosophy together.  I later took a drawing class in college in order to better explore these connections.  I have a Masters in Divinity and belong the Evangelical Theological Society as an associate member, though I have a strong academic bent (which is a blessing but can be a curse), I see the Scriptures as something we should connect to life and our shared current context.  My wife and I have five adult daughters, we always took them to art museums on vacations when they were in our household.  One daughter is an artist.  Her works are fantastic. 






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