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Processing / Hype Sketchbook

I've played with processing before and managed to work most of the way through Reas + Fry book, that was a few years ago and I hadn't really touched it since. Here's to fresh starts! and HYPE! I'll probably be rambling on below about process and using this as a mini blog - until I feel comfortable moving this outside of the class...

07/06/14 - Self Portrait

Finished watching all of the class videos, generally following along with all of the experiments - nothing worth posting mostly just parroting.  

I Wanted to start combining things intentionally and decided on the idea of using the HPixelColorist & using HShapeLayout's to indicate where detail would go. The main idea was to try and make something that seemed like it was fluidly forming from nothing, almost emergent. I had a simple headshot handy, so started working off of that.

Came up with the idea of using a halftone from photoshop (black and transparent) to get a luminance probability layout....

A similar map for detail was built... mostly highlighting facial features.

Started adding multiple HDrawablePool with different maps, different counts and different random scales.  I used about eight different svg's in all to build out the sketch. Spent a couple of hours tweaking all of the variables.

End result with a little post processing(curves, and strokes normalized). I think this is about as far as I want to push this sketch, there was a lot of manual input. 

If I were to re-attempt this idea, I would want to make the luminance map from within processing and call it from there. 

I think if this were a drawing style sketch I would add the ability to paint on areas of detail, requiring no data manipulation in photoshop. All of this right now is way out of my league - hopefully I'll get there...

I think I want to work with some patterning next using HGridLayout...till next time...


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