Process of Letting Go

Process of Letting Go - student project

Hi! I created an illustration presenting a process I recently have really understood and it helped me in making hard, but so badly needed decisions in my life that I can be happier. 

I knew I wanted the shell to be in green, as for me it resembles the color of battle or gives some military vibes because the process of letting go is a battle with our own selves. I picked the shade of green which is complementary to red I used. 

I used blue color for flowers, as this is a color of faith and trust, which I feel we regain after growing our heart bigger and getting rid of what was holding us back. Our heart flourishes again.  

If anybody is getting through this feeling right now, I feel you! Allow yourself to let go, even if that hurts and let your heart grow bigger and regain faith and trust in your life. In the course there was an illustration with "Just put yourself out there" and the heart was plastered and hurt. I really liked it and it was so true but I feel like this is my answer. Let go of what hurts you and let your heart flourish again, it hurts, yes, the heart is bleeding but it's because it's growing, getting rid of the shell and there's a lot of good things coming its way. We're growing our capacity of how much we can take! Even if we'll be hurt again by putting ourselves out there again, nevermind, the heart will get stronger again if we learn to let go.  

Peace <3

Process of Letting Go - image 1 - student project