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Process Painting: Losing the fear to create

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Process Painting: Losing the fear to create

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Explore how to bring joy and adventure to the painting process. In this class, artist Jocelyn Friis will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a transformational piece of inspired art. This class is all about shifting the focus to the process of creating, rather than adding the stress to produce an end product that meets a certain standard. Along the way you will learn many tips and techniques, aimed at encouraging your creativity, and giving you the confidence to step out and let go!, No prior art knowledge or experience is required. This class is for those who believe they are not creative, are daunted by a blank page, have a creative block, but also for seasoned artists needing to loosen up their art, stuck in the trap of comparing themselves and are tired of those negative voices in their heads. For those that are up for an adventurous journey, it is also a platform to go deeper, to get clarity and to let your art lead you to a place bigger than yourself. By the end of this class, you will realize this is only the beginning. You will be equipped to create without fear or judgement and you will know that there is no wrong way to create, thats it’s an authentic process of the heart!

Project title: Create a Painting from the Heart

Project Description:

Create an intuitive painting using color blocks, layering, spontaneous mark making, collage, stamping and many more techniques . Remember it’s all about the process. There is no right or wrong way - it’s a personal journey. Shake off that perfectionism and self judgement. Choose a word/phrase to set your intention or see what comes to you as you paint. Use as many or as little of the techniques talked about in the demonstrations. This assignment will teach you to relax into your art making. You won’t get hung up on realism or even having any recognizable images in your piece if you don’t want to. That can be for another day, another lifetime!


•Upload your Painting from the Heart.
•Include your blind drawing warm up
•Include a statement of your process, as brief or detailed as you wish.
•Sharing from the heart can make us feel vulnerable. Bear in mind this can be a part of the process (overcoming fear of judgement, being brave)
•Feel free to post your work in progress too!

Class Outline

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